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Thank you for your interest in the United States Hunter Jumper Association! We welcome all equestrians and horse enthusiasts with any interest in the sport. Our memberships are designed to meet your needs and provide you with access to educational, competitive and awards hunter/jumper programs, as well as general sport information. When you join the USHJA, you join a community of equestrians with a passion for the hunter/jumper sport.

Find the membership that’s right for you below. We look forward to serving you.

› Active/Competing Membership

  • I am a rider currently competing in USEF rated competitions.
  • I am a trainer of horse(s) competing in USEF rated competitions.
  • I am an owner of horse(s) competing in USEF rated competitions.
  • I am a licensed official.
  • I am interested in participating on a USHJA Committee.
  • I am seeking a 3-Year or Lifetime Membership.
  • I forgot to sign up for a USHJA membership when completing my USEF membership.

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› Affiliated Association Membership

  • Are you a local, state, regional or national organization, club, association, corporation or other group that conducts equestrian competitions or other programs or events?
  • Are you an educational institution that offers equine-related programs?
  • Are you a riding academy or stable with a lesson program that hosts shows or clinics for your students and other riders?

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› Associate Membership

  • I am NOT competing at USEF rated competitions.
  • I want to keep updated on the happenings of USHJA by receiving a subscription to the USHJA In Stride bimonthly magazine and biweekly USHJA E-Update emails providing important news, reminders, resources and information.
  • Members will be subject to a non-member fee of $30 at USEF-rated competitions.

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› Collegiate Memberships

  • I am a Collegiate Student Rider. My USHJA Collegiate membership will be included when I join or renew with IHSA. Please use the IHSA Membership Application.
  • I am a Collegiate Alumni Rider or Collegiate Coach looking to join or renew my USHJA membership for IHSA competitions.
  • Effective September 1 through August 31.

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› Outreach Membership

  • Not competing at USEF rated competitions.
  • Competing in USHJA Outreach Competitions.
  • Interested in being kept up to date on the happenings of USHJA.
  • Members will be subject to a non-member fee of $30 at USEF-rated competitions.
  • Effective December 1 through November 30.

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› Scholastic Membership

  • I am an Interscholastic Equestrian Association rider or coach.
  • I want access to USHJA programs, such as the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, Emerging Athletes Program, and the Trainer Certification Program.
  • I want to participate in new scholastic clinics, available only to USHJA Scholastic members, offering both stable management and riding education components over multiple days.
  • Effective December 1 through November 30.
  • For more information view the Scholastic Membership FAQ.

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› WCHR Membership

  • I want to compete in the World Championship Hunter Rider Program.
  • I am an owner (non-rider) and want to be eligible for WCHR National and Regional Awards.
  • I am a trainer (non-rider) and wish to support the WCHR Program, and be eligible for National and Regional Trainer Awards.

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